Jeff Kagan Wireless Analyst Comments on Real Cost of iPhone to Verizon and ATT

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 20, 2013

As Verizon and AT&T prepare to announce their latest quarter financial results later in the week, the Investors Business Daily ran an article on Friday January 18, 2013 by Reinhardt Krause titled, Verizon Q4 Earnings Seen Flat As Subsidies Take Toll.

This was a good piece, however it is not just about Verizon, but also about AT&T and in fact other carriers, which also sell the iPhone as well such as Sprint Nextel and C Spire Wireless. In fact there are other smaller carriers as well just getting into this space.

The article shows the real price Apple charges carriers who want to sell the iPhone. This is something most customers dont realize.

Its not all a bed of roses. According to Wireless Analyst Jeff Kagan. Success with the iPhone is a two-sided coin, both good and bad. There is a high price for success.

As an industry analyst Jeff Kagan watches the competitors and knows this is not just about Verizon, but AT&T as well, and in fact every other carrier that sells the iPhone like Sprint and C Spire Wireless.

Smaller carriers are starting to get into the iPhone game as well and they will all face the same high price to get on this ride.

When a carrier is successful and sells quite a few Apple iPhones, it is both good news and bad news. Carriers take a short term hit paying Apple, just to get access to longer-term customer loyalty and profit. Says Kagan.

It reminds me of the old Godfather movie. Says Jeff Kagan. Apple makes carriers an offer they cant refuse. It may be extremely expensive, but the carriers simply cannot turn their back and walk away from the longer-term opportunity. Its simply the way the game is played according to Apple.

And this cost to carriers is spreading from iPhones to iPads and beyond. With all these devices, the carriers have introduced shared data plans which both benefit the customer and the carrier. The customer gets the simplicity of one plan compared to a separate plan for each device, and the carrier gets a more loyal and long term customer. This will continue to accelerate.

About Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan is an Industry Analyst who has been quoted by reporters and the media, thousands of times, over 25 years, in news stories from all of the major media.

He offers comment on tech news stories to reporters and journalists.

Jeff Kagan has also been quoted as a Tech Analyst, Wireless Analyst, Telecom Analyst and Principal Analyst.

He primarily follows wireless, telecom, Internet, cable television and IPTV. Secondarily he follows the wider and more general consumer electronics and technology space.

Visit his website: at to learn more and for disclosures.

Reporters: Jeff Kagan sends comments by email to reporters and the media. If you would like to be added to this email list please send request by email.

Clients: He has worked with many companies over 25 years as consulting clients.

Contact: Jeff Kagan by email at jeff(at)jeffKAGAN(dot)com or by phone at 770-579-5810.

Kagan is Principal Analyst, Consultant, Columnist and Speaker.

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    New Christian Novel Shares an Often Forgotten Message of Hope

    Maitland, Fla. (PRWEB) January 20, 2013

    Within the pages of C.T. Joyals new novel, True Rainbow ($ 14.99, paperback, 978-1-62419-126-8; $ 7.49, eBook, 978-1-62419-127-5), readers will be introduced to Vivian, a young, outspoken, free thinking woman who doesnt quite fit the ideals her family has set for her. The journey she embarks on in life is one of love, compassion, heartache and hope. After Vivian loses husband to cancer, it takes her five-year-old son, Michael, to bring hope not only back to Vivian, but also to family, friends and the world.

    I hope the readers of True Rainbow will walk away with the assurance that God has plans for us, plans to prosper us, plans to give us hope and a future, states the author. In the midst of the crises we are facing today, from terrorist threats to social unrest, from economic recession to moral collapse, the only way we can get out of the perils is to look up to the only one true living God and place our trust in Him.

    C.T. Joyal has been a follower of Christ for twenty-one years and has witnessed and experienced many miracles only God was able to carry out. She spent most of her career working for a prestigious accounting firm, but after a severe car accident she left the business world and finally pursued her passion for and the dream of writing full-time. Joyal currently resides in Texas with her husband and their beagle, Misty.

    Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the worlds largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order True Rainbow through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and

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      Understanding Change Launches New Website – Making Its Self-Management Programs Accessible to the Everyday Person

      Toronto, ON (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

      Today marks 3 weeks since the launch of the new website: The new design reflects the companys mission to provide people with assistance in managing personal stress, anger, family disruptions and leadership roles. The new website is about educating the public, the media and reaching out to potential consumers who want to enroll in the self-management program.

      It was time for our company to take our web presence to a whole new level, said Dr. Albert de Goias, Founder of Understanding Change program. This site reflects the thinking and efforts of our team as well as our commitment to being open and accessible to the everyday person.

      The new website will enable interested parties to easily access all the information they need to understand how to deal with unhealthy moods and inappropriate behaviors. It teaches the everyday person to become successful by using their greatest strength their understanding – to guide them.

      Our program was founded on the belief that understanding is a resource we must develop using reason and rational thinking, added Goias. We strongly believe that reason is a force we energize using the emotional strengths of courage, confidence and self-esteem.

      Emotional strengths, however, can be quite sensitive and easily depleted. That is why Dr. de Goias program is designed to build emotional strengths that are not only stable, but composed and accessible in the event that life gets stressful or tiresome and people get demanding and dismissive. Business leaders and parents will be able to better manage the unhealthy moods and behaviours of their dependents and become better authority figures as well as more productive leaders.

      The website will be of interest to both old and new users of the program. With its revised tools, fully updated design and layout, users will be able to easily access the information they need. Understanding Change is very eager to encourage as many people as possible to adopt the philosophy it purports with hopes that it will have a positive effect on the global village we are living in.

      About Understanding Change:

      Understanding Change is a series of discussions in audio-visual format that shows you how to build emotional strength that is stable, composed and accessible even when life gets stressful or tiresome and people demanding or dismissive.

      Dr. de Goias will be publishing an eBook also titled Understanding Change. Those who pre-order the book before February 14, 2013 will automatically receive a 25% discount that they could use towards enrolling in the program. The ebook is currently priced at $ 3.99.

      We invite everyone to this powerful series of discussions and hope that it will help them build stable, composed and accessible emotional strengths and a better understanding of their unhealthy moods and inappropriate behaviours.

      To inquire about the program or to pre-order the book, please fill out the contact form.

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      Quite Title Action Releases Task Planner App

        (PRWEB) January 22, 2013 has released a new time management tool that helps its users manage deadlines effectively. Although they are known for their alarm clocks, representatives of the worlds original online clock have just created a time management function for their users. It’s called the Task Planner, and it helps users focus on and complete their daily tasks.

        Tom Churm, owner of said, We wanted to create a task management product that was specifically geared toward people who have the need to complete a multitude of daily tasks. knows that tasks can be overwhelming when they are looked at as a whole and not broken down into smaller segments. Long lists of things to do are scribbled on little sticky pads, and they exist on the desks of workers everywhere. The new Task Planner helps to break down these long lists into smaller segments of time. This way, task glut can be avoided.

        Using the new Task Planner is simple. Users of the site can enter the task, set the timer and begin working within their designated time frame to accomplish the task. When the alarm sounds, they can move on to the next item on the list.

        According to research compiled in an article on, multitasking is not the best way to complete daily tasks. Devoting energy to one task at a time is the most effective way to accomplish a long list of tasks. People who focus on one task at a time tend to achieve more. They also tend to turn out higher quality work by not moving between tasks.

        The people at have been considering this finding for quite some time. Software companies have responded to this finding by creating many complicated applications to help people with their daily tasks. decided to take a simpler approach with its response to the need for time management applications by creating a simple user interface that can accommodate both the title of the task and the time allocated for completion. Users of the Task Planner have the ability to designate either the timer or the alarm clock as the audible reminder of a deadline. The site also has many pleasant alternatives to buzzing or beeping sounds.

        There are several ideas behind how either the alarm or the timer function can be used with the sites new Task Planner. The alarm clock can be used for longer tasks. These include deadlines up to 24 hours. When choosing to use the alarm, the large digital clock will display, and the site also displays the alarm time in the title of a browser tab. For shorter tasks, a timer can be used. Both have a snooze function for times when the bosses are intent on reiterating their needs for meeting deadlines while simultaneously preventing them from occurring. The snooze function can extend the timer until the boss is through with all verbal reminders of what needs to be done.

        The Task Planner also works well to dissuade coworkers from retelling the events of their awesome weekend. Once the alarm or timer sounds, it can be a reminder to a coworker that they are interrupting timed tasks.

        The Task Planner is the first task management tool for The beauty of its new Task Planner is that it is completely free to use and requires no user registration.

        About OnlineClock

        Online since March 24th, 2006, the Online Alarm Clock was the world’s first online alarm clock website. Online Clock strives to be the number one network for the simplest, most useful and best Online Clocks, Timers and Time Tools. For more information on the various online alarm clocks offered at no cost by OnlineClock, please visit

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 Reports Super Bowl Tickets Selling Quickly for Mercedes-Benz Superdome Contest

          Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

          Super Bowl tickets for the most popular event on America’s sporting calendar have been selling at a fast clip. The 47th edition of this contest will kick off at 5:30 p.m. CDT. It will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. The game is regularly watched by more than half of the United States population.

          The Mercedes-Benz Superdome has played host to some of Americas most prestigious sports events since it opened in 1975. The NFL title game has been played here six previous times. Those contests took place in 1978, 1981, 1986, 1990, 1997 and 2002. The 2002 edition was particularly exciting as the underdog New England Patriots won their first title with a 20-17 win over the St. Louis Rams. Adam Vinatieri nailed a 48-yard field goal as the clock hit zero to win the game for New England. The New Orleans Saints play their home games in this facility.

          College football also has quite a history in this building. The BCS national championship game has been played here in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. The best game of that quartet of contests was the 2004 contest as the nearby LSU Tigers took a 21-7 lead and outlasted the Oklahoma Sooners, 21-14. The prestigious Sugar Bowl has been played here since December 1975, and the New Orleans Bowl has taken place in this facility since December 2001. The Tulane University Green Wave has played its home games here since the 1975 season.

          The NCAA Final Four has been held here five times, in 1982, 1987, 1993, 2003 and 2012. North Carolina won two of its five titles here (1982 and 1993). The NBAs Jazz played home games here from 1975-79 when they were known as the New Orleans Jazz. Several MLB exhibition games have also taken place at the stadium, including a contest between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles in 1980 that drew 43,339 fans to the facility.

          About Us

 has top seats available for popular sports, theater and concert events taking place throughout North America. In addition to Super Bowl tickets, the organization has Bon Jovi tickets and Taylor Swift tickets available for music enthusiasts to purchase.

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            MJ Gottlieb from N2ITIV Solutions Posts A New Video Sending A Warning to The So-Called Experts

            New York, NY (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

            MJ Gottlieb, co-founder of the quickly growing entrepreneurial blog, N2ITIV Solutions has posted a new video for those self-proclaiming to be gurus and experts of their industry.

            Gottlieb discusses how self-proclaimed gurus and experts are creating a barrier of entrance for many aspiring entrepreneurs looking to get into business for the first time.

            Gottlieb states, Basically youre psyching them out. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to get into a particular market believe that these so called experts are so far down the road that they feel it is pointless for them to even begin. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

            Gottlieb believes that when someone says they are an expert in any industry basically they are saying that the person knows everything and there is nothing else for the person to learn which, he believes is nonsense.

            Gottlieb adds, So what happens when you learn something new the next day? Are you suddenly more of a guru or more of an expert? Nonsense.

            Gottlieb reminds entrepreneurs that everyone started in the same place, knowing the same thing, nothing. Bottom line, everybody starts at the beginning, and Gottlieb thinks people forget that. He believes far too many people talk more than they listen, especially talking about themselves, which he believes prevents an entrepreneur from getting better at their craft.

            Before there was an Apple there was a Steve Jobs and his sales were zero, just like everyone elses is when they start.

            Gottlieb thinks this is also very common in blogging and social media. Gottlieb notes, I cant tell you how many people have self-proclaimed titles in their social media profiles or in their about us section of their blogs. If we took them at their word, I think there are more gurus in social media than there are actually people in social media. It is quite humorous, as I often don’t know if I want to laugh or cry.

            This is one of the reasons why Gottlieb never puts a title on his business card, never has and never will. It comes down to the same issues of ego and not being authentic.

            Gottlieb talks about how he has grown to love the quote, I am a legend in my own mind. He adds, “I dont know who came up with it but I think its great because it is so true. People really need to get over themselves.

            Gottlieb thinks that, whatever a person does, they should study it, get really good at it and make it their craft.

            People need to learn to be students of the game and know that no matter how much they know there is always someone out there who knows more than them and I think thats great because it keeps me constantly thriving to know more.

            Gottlieb believes that, in order for a person to feel some level of authority in a given field, they need to narrow their focus on one thing and that people tend to focus on one thing one minute, and then move on to something else the moment something becomes too challenging for them. For this reason he believes that far too many people tend to be mediocre at a lot of things instead of being the best they can be in one area. Trying to be the jack of all trades can be a big hindrance to ones development as an entrepreneur.

            Gottlieb is inspired that no matter how good he gets, he knows there are always people who will be better than him and know more than him. It is what keeps me going. The moment I get to one level of success, knowing there is someone else doing better motivates me to get better. No matter how much I know, knowing there is someone that knows more keeps me from being complacent, which can often times lead us into the entrepreneurs abyss.”

            Gottlieb notes that even the greatest people in a given field, always talk about their ability to get better and work on their weaknesses and further their strengths.

            I just wish people would understand how ignorant they sound when using these words. Bottom line, there is no such thing as an expert, I dont care who you are.

            N2ITIV Solutions, founded by MJ Gottlieb and Gary O’Neil, is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the implementation of creative business strategies to help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses increase their brand awareness and monetize their businesses online.

            For more information, please visit

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              Hawaii Timeshare Divorce, Trust and Gift Transfers, Tip Sheet by Mark W. Bidwell

              Irvine, California (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

              Deed and Record is an internet service created by Mark W. Bidwell to change ownership in Hawaiian timeshares by quit claim deed. This Tip Sheet advocates the use of quit claim deeds to fund trusts, remove a spouse as co-owner pursuant to divorce or dissolution of marriage, and to give away a timeshare.

              A quit claim deed transfers property as is. Quit claim deeds do not contain any implied warranties of debt outstanding or good title. An owner who quit claims real property simply conveys whatever ownership interest he or she has along with any debt or loans secured by the property. A quit claim is the easiest and cheapest way to transfer ownership between parties who personally know each other.

              Quit claim deeds can be used to give away timeshares in Hawaii. Timeshares are most often gifted to children of the owners. Other owners want to gift to nieces, nephews, other relatives or friends. Sometimes a gift occurs when the timeshare owner sells the timeshare for nominal value.

              A quit claim deed works in gifting because little or no money is exchanged and the parties know each other. Gifting may have income tax, capital gains tax or gift tax consequences. Owners are advised to consult with a tax accountant for tax consequences of gifting a timeshare by quit claim deed.

              Quit claim deeds can be used to fund trusts and avoid probate. Hawaiian timeshares not owned or titled in a trust are at risk for probate. A timeshare must be transferred into trust while the person is still living. A quit claim deed works to fund a trust because no real change in ownership occurs. What is changed is how title is held.

              Use quit claim deeds to remove a former spouse as owner of a timeshare. A timeshare awarded to one spouse in a divorce must have the non-owning spouse removed as owner. Until the former spouse is removed from title the owning spouse cannot sell or transfer the timeshare and the former spouse will inherit the timeshare in the event of death. Quit claim deeds work in divorce because the parties have complete information and disclosure on the value of the timeshare and amount of debt outstanding.

              In Hawaii a quit claim deed must have attached Form P-64B, Exemption from Conveyance Tax. Hawaii collects a transfer tax on all filings or recordings with the Bureau of Conveyances. But there are exclusions. Transfers in and out of a trust are exempt. Transfers due to divorce and dissolution of marriage are exempt. True gifts are also exempt. To obtain the exclusion, either the Grantor or the Grantee completes Form P-64B, Exemption from Conveyance Tax and submits the form with the quit claim deed.

              The deed must be recorded with the Bureau of Conveyances to put the world on notice of the change in timeshare ownership. Maintaining an accurate, timely and permanent record system of timeshare ownership is the responsibility of the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances. A properly prepared quit claim deed must have the legal description, interval control number and reference to a prior recorded document.

              Once the quit claim deed has been recorded it is returned by the Bureau with proof of recording. This recorded deed must be provided to the resort management company to update their records for reservations, accounting and billing.

              Company Profile

              Deed and Record is an online service to prepare quit claim deeds for real property transfers into or out of trusts, remove former spouses and gifting. The Online Service records deeds it has prepared with the appropriate government agency. Deed and Record does not offer legal advice or services.

              Deed and Record markets through websites, primarily, The owner of the websites is Mark W. Bidwell, Attorney at Law and CPA Inactive. Office is located at 18831 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 270, Irvine, California 92612. Phone number is 949-474-0961. Email is

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                Announcing Multiple Grammy Award Winners Los Lobos at Uptown Theatre Napa on 2/16/13

                Napa, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

                More than three decades have passed since Los Lobos released their debut album, Just Another Band from East L.A. Since then theyve repeatedly disproven that titleLos Lobos isnt just another anything, but rather a band that has consistently evolved artistically while never losing sight of their humble roots.

                For Tin Can TrustLos Lobos first release for Shout! Factory and first collection of new original material in four yearsthe venerable quintet reconnected directly with those roots by returning to East L.A. and recording at Mannys Estudio, in a rundown neighborhood, says Los Lobos songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Louie P

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                  A diva and her dog find new purpose together in E. Rawlins new book

                  BOTTMINGEN, Switzerland (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

                  E. Rawlins new book Learning to Live with Fritz: Disgruntled Angel in a Hairy Disguise (published by iUniverse) carries readers along on a spiritual journey. It is comical, self-critical and poignant; an Eat, Pray, Love for dog lovers and opera fans.

                  A beautiful diva exchanges her successful career in opera for the role of corporate wife. Just as her dreams begin to crumble and divorce is imminent, she meets a crazy little dog in a Manhattan pet store. The unmatched pair, a 12-week-old despot puppy and his narcissistic mistress, travel to Europe to save what is left of the discouraged sopranos career.

                  The dog turns out to be the divas greatest teacher, or at the very least a bad tempered angel in a hairy disguise. His fervent refusal to love and obey her, his obstinacy, bad temper and constant watchfulness teach her everything there is to know about unconditional love.

                  Rawlins knows that her book will appeal to dog lovers who like clever bad dog stories, and to those who know that their pets are intelligent, spiritual beings accompanying them for more than mere entertainment and companionship purposes. It will appeal to those people who realize that their pets communicate in quite another language that is all their own.

                  Learning to Live with Fritz

                  By E. Rawlins

                  Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 214 pages | ISBN 9781475932348

                  Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 214 pages | ISBN 9781475932362

                  E-Book | 214 pages | ISBN 9781475932355

                  Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

                  About the Author

                  E. Rawlins is an international opera singer, metaphysical teacher, seminar leader, drama coach, poet, author and dog lover. She lives in Switzerland with her husband, who is one of operas most esteemed heroic baritones. Her favorite occupation is what she fondly calls divo tending. For 15 years the musical couple shared their chaotic traveling and singing careers with Frizbee, a grumpy, short-tempered Maltese terrier.

                  Rawlins is also the author of the 2003 book Rather Light Candles than Rage Against the Darkness.

                  iUniverse, an Author Solutions, Inc. self-publishing imprint, is the leading book marketing, editorial services, and supported self-publishing provider. iUniverse has a strategic alliance with Indigo Books & Music, Inc. in Canada, and titles accepted into the iUniverse Rising Star program are featured in a special collection on iUniverse recognizes excellence in book publishing through the Star, Readers Choice, Rising Star and Editors Choice designationsself-publishings only such awards program. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, iUniverse also operates offices in Indianapolis. For more information or to publish a book, please visit or call 1-800-AUTHORS. For the latest, follow @iuniversebooks on Twitter.

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