Melrose Moving Announces New Blog, “Tips for Disassembling Items For Your LA Move”

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 13, 2012

Melrose Moving Company announced a a new blog today, titled, “Tips for Disassembling Items For Your LA Move.”

The article states that Quite often, the thing that people dread the most about moving is disassembling and reassembling. The thought of moving is not so bad, and most people are excited to get into their new place and have a new beginning. However, no one relishes the idea of spending hours taking large furniture pieces apart to prepare for the move. One of the solutions is to hire professional Los Angeles movers to do the job for you. But if you want to attempt to do everything yourself, read on for helpful tips.

When it comes to disassembly, many people want to grab a screwdriver and start to remove screws from an item. However, you want to make sure that you have everything you need first, which will prevent things from getting lost in the process. You should have boxes, zip lock bags, tape or labels, and colored markers. While you do not necessarily need colored markers, they will make things a little easier.

There is one constant problem that people have when it comes to disassembling furniture when moving, which is never remember how things go back together. All you have to do is draw a diagram or write directions to how you did the dissembling, so you can simply revert your steps. Taking a photo can also be a good option.

Unless you are a master at dealing electronics, when it comes to untangling the mess of your television, DVD player, gaming console, receiver, etc., you can run into some trouble. There are a lot of things to consider when disassembling and packing electronics. But if you can take your time to put a piece of tape on each component, and color each in different colors with a marker, you wont have to guess what cord plugs into which area.

Before you take apart your table, you need to know whether it has an apron or not. Some have metal braces that are secured to the inside of the apron and the underside of the table, others are glued. Multiple dowels are typically used to join the legs, and you will want to look for the large lag screw that should be under the table top on the inside of the leg. You can use a wrench to remove this screw.

If you run into trouble, remember that you can always rely on hiring Los Angeles Melrose Movers to do the job for you. But the more organized you are taking the smaller pieces apart the easier it will be to put them back together.

Melrose Movers Los Angeles makes moving a home or business easy and stress-free. No job is too big, no household too small for Melrose Moving. We help individuals, families, and businesses from all over the Los Angeles area move down the block or across town.

Melrose Moving will make any move smooth and efficient. How do they do it? Los Angeles movers are experts at professional packing and moving. The client is the boss at the move; they will personalize services to fit their needs. Before they start, they thoroughly explain all processes, policies, and pricing. With Melrose Moving, there are no unpleasant surprises and never any hidden charges. Then, professional movers arrive, and work quickly, but carefully, to pack and wrap belongings, and then transport them as safely as possible. They know that many of the belongings entrusted to their care may be irreplaceable. They will hold sentimental value, or be family heirlooms. Don’t worry- they will treat them with the same care that they would their very own. They guarantee it! When the move is complete, they welcome any questions or comments. (The best advertising comes from referrals of many satisfied customers!)

Melrose Moving Company is a Los Angeles-based residential and commercial moving company. Originally established in 1999, and has been so popular that the owner started various other moving companies, such as 1 Los Angeles Movers, Movers Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Commercial Movers, all of which are operated by Melrose Moving. The moving company is licensed by the Public Utility Commission (PUC), and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Melrose Moving accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal.

For more information, visit our site.

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    The Painless Stop Smoking Cure Tackles Mental Aspect of Learning how to Quit Smoking in Recent Blog Post

    Henderson, NV (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

    The Painless Stop Smoking Cure tackles the mental aspect of learning how to quit smoking in its recent post Best Way to Stop Smoking: Asking the Right Questions. Throughout the post Eric Eraly, former chain-smoker and founder of The Painless Stop Smoking Cure, discusses the importance of questioning long-held beliefs about smoking in order to quit smoking for good.

    The Best Way to Stop Smoking: Asking the Right Questions post can be found here:

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 deadly chemicals. Many of these chemicals are toxic and approximately 70 have been shown to lead to cancer. Given these health risks, why are there an estimated 1 billion people throughout the world that are smokers?

    Studies show that smokers tend to distance themselves from the facts. They may tell themselves that cancer doesnt run in their family, that they can quit at any time, and that theyre otherwise quite healthy.

    This framework of beliefs allows smokers to enter a state of denial where they convince themselves that they will somehow avoid the health risks associated with smoking. This same set of beliefs is what makes it difficult for smokers to quit smoking.

    This mental aspect of stopping smoking is discussed in a recent blog post at The Painless Stop Smoking Cure.

    The Painless Stop Smoking Cure, a medication-free approach to kicking the nicotine habit, tackles the mental aspect of learning how to quit smoking in a recent blog post titled Best Way to Stop Smoking: Asking the Right Questions. Throughout the post Eric Eraly, former chain-smoker and founder of The Painless Stop Smoking Cure, discusses the importance of challenging those long-held beliefs about smoking.

    By continuously asking these questions, youll slowly but certainly destabilize your beliefs and illusions, says Eraly.

    Eraly explains that overcoming these false beliefs is 96% of the problem that smokers face in their efforts to quit smoking.

    To read the Best Way to Stop Smoking: Asking the Right Questions in its entirety go to

    Eric Eraly founded The Painless Stop Smoking Cure after he learned to overcome the mental roadblocks that were keeping him from being able to quit smoking. He has since written a book and helped more than 50,000 people quit smoking for good.

    Subscribers of The Painless Stop Smoking Cure receive one week of free video coaching. To become a subscriber go to:

    For more information on how to quit smoking visit

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      Channel 4: Clare Balding on Sophie Christiansen

      (PRWEB) September 15, 2012

      C4Paralympics presenter Clare Balding was among the Britons captivated by the phenomenal achievements of dressage rider Sophie Christiansen at Greenwich Park during the Paralympics.

      The 26-year-old won three golds in the individual, freestyle and team events in the 1a class, taking her total career Paralympic titles to five, following the two she collected in Beijing four years ago.

      Clare was fortunate enough to see Sophie win her first medal at Greenwich Park…

      She turned to me and said in her own unique turn of phrase: “Did you happen to see my dressage test?”

      She asked me what I thought and my response was: “It was beautiful”.

      To win three gold medals as well as set new records with her displays was absolutely phenomenal, but I wouldn’t have said no-one expected her to have done what she did in London.

      The timing was right for her. She had the experience of two Paralympic Games and, by the time you get to your third one, you know how to deal with everything that goes around the competition, which means you can concentrate on your own individual performance.

      Sophie’s not egotistical or a difficult individual, she loves performing and is very good at it.

      She has a fantastic rapport with her horse, who she calls ‘Rio’ as his official name is Janeiro 6. She’s the future of a very strong equestrian team and I hope she’ll be around with Rio in Rio.

      Her performance music for her freestyle gold summed up the personality and character of Sophie, and the confidence she has gained through Paralympic Games and riding.

      I first met her in Athens when she was just a teenager and have followed her career from being very good to exceptional. I guess I’m still quite protective towards her.

      As well as Sophie, Natasha Baker was the other stand-out rider in the GB team.

      Everyone expected Lee Pearson to dominate as he has done in the past three Games. He’s still done jolly well – winning gold, silver and bronze – but this horse is not quite what ‘Gus’ (the horse with whom he won three golds in Athens 2004) was.

      He’s done as well as he could have done on Gentleman, a horse that wasn’t helping him all the time. However, Lee’s been around long enough to know you’re either the star of the show or just part of the show.

      He has been a very good part of the show which has been dominated by Sophie and Natasha. Each member of that team will have to fight for their places on that team for Rio.

      We had five world-class riders left sitting at home because Britain have such a strong para-equestrian team. And we saw in London that other countries are now catching us up.

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        Gamers Rejoice as New Guild Wars 2 Guide Accelerates Leveling

        (PRWEB) September 16, 2012

        It has been quite the whirlwind for game creators ArenaNet since the release of their acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars 2. The online based fantasy game has recently throttled the amount of new accounts do to overwhelming and unexpected demand on its servers! Guild Wars 2 pushes the boundaries of its gaming class and has gamers everywhere vying to become its ultimate champion.

        Players find themselves in Tyria – the fictional reality in which Guild Wars 2 takes place as they slowly gain enough merit to get their character to Level 80. In order to obtain such a status, gamers must partake in numerous quests, battles, and other tasks. The goal is to eventually become an elite player that is capable of dominating the strongest enemies in the game.

        Because no MMORPG player is content until they reach the highest level possible, many users have been on the lookout for strategies that will allow them to level faster and reach the pinnacle of Guild Wars 2 sooner than their competitors. Tyria Guide appears to be the holy grail of Guild Wars 2 strategies. A review from has recently boasted Tyria Guides ability to help players level quicker and outrank their in-game competitors faster than ever before.

        Tyria Guide offers insight to even the highest ranked competitors in Guild Wars 2.

        It includes never-before-seen tactical strategies for dominating the player vs. player battles than encompass a large portion of this game. When two human controlled characters battle each other, the game play becomes much more difficult. Tyria Guide has all of the tricks that you need to know in order to come out victorious.

        Tyria Guide also includes crafting and quest specific guides in addition to their player-vs.-player strategies. Guild Wars 2 gamers can use this information in order to become immersed in the World of Tyria and truly become part of the game.

        The creators of this guide have a history that speaks for itself. They are responsible for such positively reviewed titles as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Rift: Planes of Telara!

        If you are interested in Tyria Guide, please take a look at the free review on Strategy Guides HQ.

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          Scopely Closes $8.5 Million in Seed Funding Led By Anthem Venture Partners

          Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 19, 2012

          Scopely, the mobile developer/publisher founded by AdSense Co-Creator Eytan Elbaz, Walter Driver and Ankur Bulsara, today announced $ 8.5 million in seed financing. The round includes primary investors Anthem Venture Partners, The Chernin Group, Greycroft Venture Partners and New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

          Samit Varma of Anthem Venture Partners said, We had been tracking the Scopely team for months so we were very interested when we had the opportunity to get involved. As we dug in further, we were really compelled by their differentiated vision of the intersection between social, mobile and games. The team theyve assembled and the traction theyve seen to date is quite impressive.

          Other notable investors participating in the round include: former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel; ShoeDazzle and Honest Company founder Brian Lee; Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow; LiveRamp CEO/Rapleaf Chairman Auren Hoffman; Red Swan Ventures; Double M Capital Managing Partner Mark Mullen; Amplify Co-Founder/Accel Venture Partner Richard Wolpert; TechStars CEO David Cohen; TechStars NY Managing Director David Tisch; Burstly CEO Evan Rifkin, Sands Capital, Factual CEO Gil Elbaz and Aydin Senkuts Felicis Ventures.

          Were thrilled to be working with such a distinguished group of investors. We are big proponents of the Los Angeles startup ecosystem so its great to have investors like Anthem, Greycroft and The Chernin Group who are based in LA and have unique expertise in the digital media space involved, said Walter Driver, co-founder and CEO of Scopely.

          Scopely has been operating in stealth mode since last year, quietly amassing an all-star team of 30 engineers, data scientists and product managers. The company will use the additional capital to accelerate growth and expand its product offerings.

          Scopelys With Buddies franchise of multiplayer games has grown rapidly to millions of active users. Current With Buddies titles available in the AppStore include: Dice With Buddies and Jewels With Buddies.

          About Scopely

          Based in Los Angeles, California, Scopely develops and publishes mobile social applications including the With Buddies franchise of multiplayer games. Founded in 2011 by Eytan Elbaz (Applied Semantics, Google), Walter Driver (O Negative Media) and Ankur Bulsara (MySpace), the company has received $ 8.5 million in seed financing to date. To learn more, please visit

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            “A Brief Guide to Help Beat the Google Penguin Update” Is Released by Black Box Social Media

            Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

            Ever since February 2011 when Google released its first algorithm update, Google Panda, people have been trying to figure out how to circumvent or beat those updates. However, instead of looking for ‘black hat’ ways to beat Google Penguin Update, SEO experts should instead seek out ways to make their website compatible with its requirements, which are actually quite reasonable. This is why Black Box Social Media has released a report titled “A Brief Buide to Help Beat The Google Penguin Update” available at

            “What exactly should you to do when looking how to beat the Google Penguin Update?” asks Black Box Social Media Co Founder Nick Bridges. “Well, seeing as how content is what actually gets analyzed more than anything else, you should start there. Make sure that every single post on your website is original, unique, and of a high quality.”

            Googles algorithms are becoming progressively better at judging websites from the point of view of a human.

            “Instead of simply looking at numerical factors, such as the keyword density, length of the text and the number of backlinks to a page, it is now more or less capable of deciding whether or not the content is relevant to the keywords it is associated with,” continues Mr. Bridges. “This is why reading our report is so important, so you can understand the right things to do in order to be compliant with Google.”

            To download “A Brief Guide to Help Beat the Google Penguin Update”, please visit

            About Black Box Social Media: Black Box Social Media is an online marketing company that utilizes multiple web 2.0 strategies including web design, social media marketing, pay per click, video marketing, article creation, and much more. BBSM also created the do it yourself online training product ‘Social Media In 7 Minutes’, which contains over 60 videos detailing how to create, set up, optimize, and engage on top sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and more. For more information on Social Media In 7 Minutes, please visit

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              Title Insurance Terms to Know– ARCLand Title Professionals Gives Useful Information on Title Insurance

              (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

              Title insurance is a loss prevention insurance that protects the home buyers and lenders against legal defects in the title that occurred prior to the real purchase. In Texas, the title insurance policies are specified by the Texas Department Insurance. In general, the title insurance costs for a $ 100,000 worth of property are about $ 843. Below are the most common terms of title insurance that ARCLand Title professionals specifically listed.

              Generally, there are two types of title insurance policies are issued, the Owners Policy and the Lenders Policy. The Owners policy ensures a purchaser that the title of the property is pertained to the buyer. It covers the losses and damages if there is no right of access to the property. The Lenders policy, also known as a loan policy, is issued only to the lenders. It protects the lender against any loss that may occur because of some unknown title defects. Besides, it guarantees the lender a valid lien against the property.

              The American Land Title Association (ALTA) form is another term you will hear quite often when buying title insurance. American Land Title Association is the leading trade association of title insurers. And the ALTA policy is widely used throughout the country although it has been modified in some states. The ALTA policies sometimes vary from different states. You can check out them by searching the Internet or consulting a local title company, an escrow officer from ARCLand Title suggested.

              There are also many other terms from the title report. What the main duty of a title agency is to make a title search, which is a thorough check of the real estate property records to assure that the seller is the legal owner of the property. Once the title search is finished, you will get a title report, which contains the results of the search. You may find terms that you are not so familiar with. For example, an Abstract of Title is a document that shows the ownerships of the property. It will include all the past property owners, liens and mortgages. The abstract differs from a Deed which only lists the current property owner.

              Here we just give a brief explanation of some of the terms used in title insurance, said the ARCLand Title escrow officers, If you want to learn more detailed information and if you have specific concerns, you should connect with a qualified title company in your local place. Or you can also take time to learn more on the internet.

              To learn more information about title insurance, please visit the sites below: Austin title company, Arlington title company, Colleyville title company, Houston title company, Southlake title company.

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                Zombies to Invade Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction, Vermont on October 20, 2012

                Milton, VT (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

                Runners and adventure racers throughout the country have conquered nearly every challenge thrown at them. Theyve climbed over bales of hay, run through lakes of mud, scaled giant slippery walls and leapt over pits of fire. But, theres one thing they havent done escaped zombies.

                On October 20, 2012, the Champlain Valley Expo Center will be transformed into a Refugee Camp, where survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse will gather to make plans to save humanity. Individual and teams of runners will be given the task of navigating a 5k obstacle course while avoiding hordes of zombies determined to foil their plans.

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                  Global Soda Ash Market Trends Examined in New In-Demand Research Report Now Available at

                  London, UK (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

                  The global soda ash market is performing quite well these days, with the demand for the product forecast to reach the pre-recession levels in the near-term. Key soda ash application fields, like flat glass and detergents, are expected to support the market growth in future. Container glass and flat glass production will grow by nearly 3% annually and gain major share in the total glass industry, which will positively impact the worldwide soda ash market.

                  The Asia-Pacific, driven by large-scale production of glass in China and India, represents the largest and fastest growing regional market for soda ash worldwide, and it is expected to maintain its dominance in the market in the forthcoming years. The consumption of soda ash in the Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 4.8% up to 2017. The developed economies including the US, Western Europe and Japan, representing the mature markets of soda ash, are projected to report a marginal growth in the long term.

                  New market research report Soda Ash: 2012 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2017 elaborated by Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

                  Report Details:

                  Title: Soda Ash: 2012 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2017

                  Published: February, 2012

                  Pages: 258

                  Price: US$ 4,500.00


                  The report covers the soda ash market, examining it globally, by region and by country. An insightful analytical discussion of the market is featured here along with detailed forecasts.

                  The study offers elaborate factual information on the key market statistics such as soda ash production and consumption, trade dynamics in the geographies analyzed, prices for the product and the top market players profiles along with their activities. Granular soda ash market forecast through 2017, including market volumes and prices, is also provided.

                  Report Contents:


                  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY



                  3. SODA ASH WORLD MARKET

                  3.1. World soda ash capacity

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                    New Publishing Company Turns Gutenberg Press on its Head in Ebook Revolution

                    (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

                    Bard and Book Publishing announced the launch of a new publishing model that is only possible because of the ebook revolution but is poised to take that revolution even further. Instead of trying to sell as many copies of a book before it is even released, Bard and Book focuses on building a community of readers around a small group of authors.

                    Bard and Book’s website is

                    The community receives free access to short stories, poems, and other created pieces. Community favorites will be considered for print distribution, taking some risk out of the equation for the publisher by ensuring that a book has appeal before investing in it.

                    “If Gutenberg had invented the ebook and print-on-demand technology instead of the printing press, the current publishing model would have never arisen,” says Anthony Horvath, the founder of Bard and Book publishing. But the digital revolution, while giving publishers a headache and opening doors for creators, has complicated things for readers.

                    Horvath explains, “The ‘digital press’ puts thousands of new works into the marketplace monthly, forcing readers to find new ways to identify quality content. For better or for worse, the fact that a publisher was willing to take on an author used to serve as a ‘short cut’ for readers trying to determine if a new book was worth their time. This sorting mechanism is no longer available for them.”

                    He asserts: “The future of publishing can be summed up in one word: community.”

                    In that spirit, Bard and Book has gathered together seven authors and is building a community of readers around them.

                    The community allows subscribers to read free ebooks, although free members can only read new titles for a short time after they are released. A small monthly fee lifts that limitation. This fee is the primary way the authors are compensated.

                    Horvath argues that the old model emerged naturally from the steep costs related to printing and distributing books. Publishers were not willing to pay those costs unless they had a reasonable expectation that they would get a return on their investment. However, just because something sells, he says, that doesn’t mean the book was worth reading.

                    “The Gutenberg Press was a great leap forward over the previous technology, but it had the unfortunate consequence of fueling a consumer mentality that was ultimately unhealthy. As any trip to the supermarket checkout line makes clear, there is quite a bit of junk out there,” Horvath says. “A book can be worth reading, even if a publisher doesn’t see a movie option in its future.”

                    He says that in the Bard and Book model, “Readers can get to know our authors at little or no risk to them. Those that sign up for a paid subscription can have the satisfaction that they are directly supporting the authors. Bard and Book puts the community authors and readers first. The publisher is a distant second.”

                    Horvath says the ebook distribution platform, Smashwords, is what makes their model possible.

                    “Through Smashwords, we upload our books just once and Smashwords distributes them globally for us. Thanks to them, you can find our stories on Kobo,, and Sony, to name a few. Of course, we put them on Amazon’s Kindle, too. Smashwords also allows us to create 100% off coupons that we make available to our members who can then download the story in whatever format they desire,” he says.

                    Some of the books are available to read for free without becoming a community member.

                    “In Full Color” is a story by Horvath himself that explores “the limit of faith, revelation, and empiricism.” Coupon code: KR56V

                    “Helmets Do Not Expand with Heads” is a story by OJ Wolfsmasher that shows how even professional football players in the NFL can “delve into existential self-reflection and analysis of the universal situation.” Coupon code: XF65Y

                    The website has posted samples from each of the seven authors and latest releases are posted on their Facebook page.

                    Horvath or any of the authors in the Bard and Book community are available for interviews and can be reached through Horvath at publisher(at)bardandbook(dot)com.

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